Xiaomi Mi M365 Review 2023
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Xiaomi Mi M365 Review 2023

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8.25/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #32 in category Electric Scooters
The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is a highly durable, portable, fast and fun electric scooter which is perfect for an urban commute and scooting around town. The scooter is affordable but packed full of awesome features like Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control. We recommend it as a great electric scooter for adults and a fantastic green alternative transport method. 
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
  • High-quality and durable
  • Two-speed modes
  • Very safe (2 wheel disc brakes, front and rear lights)
  • Great battery for long distance rides and fast charge
  • Cruise control
  • Easy to control all features with one button or smart app
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to fold, not too heavy
  • Can purchase spare parts
  • Tires can get flat easily
  • Not designed to go off-road
  • Does not go on higher steps than 1cm
  • Max weight of driver 100 kb (220 lbs)

Specification: Xiaomi Mi M365 Review 2023

Free shipping Varies depending on vendor
Mobile app
Return policy
Warranty 1 year, Varies depending on vendor
Make Xiaomi
Model Mi M365
Weight 26.9 lbs (12.2 kg)
Foldable Yes
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) 19.3 x 42.5 x 16.9 "
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes
Speed and Performance
Can it be used offroad? No
Cruise control Yes
Max incline 10 degrees
Max weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Motor size 250W
Range 28 miles (45 km)
Top speed 15.5 mp/h (25 km/h)
Tyre Size 8.5″
Tyre Type Air filled, Rubber
Brakes Disc, Double Braking (Manual/Electric)
Lights Front and rear
Regenerative braking Yes
Removable battery No
Seat Installation available, No
Water resistance IP54
Suspension None
Battery and Charging
Battery size 280 Wh, 42V
Battery Type LG Lithium-ion
Charging time 5-5.5 hours


Xiaomi Mi M365 Review Summary & Overview

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics giant that produces and invests in smartphones, laptops, mobile applications and other consumer electronics. Being the 4th largest smartphone maker in the world as of Q2 2018, Xiaomi has grown exponentially by developing innovative, high-quality, affordable electronic products that consumers love.

Below you’ll find the key features of the Xiaomi Mi M365 in this review. Continue reading our full M365 review for 2023; or discover the best model in our Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro review/comparison to also learn about the M365 vs M365 Pro.

The M365 foldable scooter was a hit product for Xiaomi in 2018. You may have seen this stylish scooter if you’ve heard of the latest & greatest startup craze in San Fransisco called Bird, which became the fastest company ever to reach a $1 Billion valuation!

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter has set a new bar for personal electric transportation. What makes it so different is that its really aimed at adults as an alternative way to travel short distances or commute to work. Its design and engineering have cemented its place as one of the most popular electric scooters of 2019, 2020 and potentially 2023.

However, the addition of the M365 Pro has certainly raised the bar even higher. We’re going to compare the biggest differences and benefits between the two, to get an idea of just how different these two models are. 

Stylish, durable & full of functionality

Xiaomi knows that their ideal customers are fast-paced and tech-savvy and they’ve built this into their smart products by connecting their devices with apps. The Xiaomi M365 has a mobile smartphone app available for iOS and Android which keeps track of real-time data like battery conditions, speeds, your riding habits, cruise control, and even control energy recovery.

The M365 is both lightweight, portable and durable. It’s made out of aircraft grade aluminum and weighs just 12.5kg(25 lbs). Need to walk for a while? No problem, you can fold it away in just 3 seconds and carry it through town. Furthermore, the M365 Pro also boasts a similar lightweight frame, weighing in at just 14.2 kg.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Price
Check the latest prices on the Xiaomi Mi M365

portable Xiaomi Mi escooter

Xiaomi has really packed a lot into both the size and price of this awesome scooter. The M365 has convenient cruise control, two gears to switch between speeds, power regenerating brakes along with front and rear lights if you’re riding at night. 

The great battery life is powered by a high-performance LG battery, complete with an energy recovery braking system that allows driving up to 30 km (18 mi) with one charge. However, the M365 Pro edition features all this and more, with an additional third speed mode; choose between ECO, Standard and Sports mode, depending on how you’re feeling

Speed, Power & Distance

Speed, Power & Distance

Considering the weight and size, the Xiaomi M365 is a very powerful electric scooter. It is equipped with a 250 W hub motor at the front and as the supplier mentions, the maximum instantaneous power can reach 500 W and the maximum torque is 16 N⋅m. This, paired with small diameter wheels means that the Xiaomi M365 really packs a punch!

How fast does it go?

Having this powerful motor allows Xiaomi M365 to be a fast electric scooter. It can reach a maximum of 25 km/h (15.5 m/h) speed, which is way faster than walking and much easier than riding a bike (yeah, some of us are lazy!).

The Xiaomi M365 is a perfect scooter for commuting to work or the grocery store, and really finds its place in those distances which are too far to walk or too short to drive or get an Uber! In terms of the Xiamo M365 vs M365 Pro, they’re pretty similar in this regard; both offer the same top speed, however the Pro has an additional speed setting. 

Does it have more than one speed setting?

The M365 has 2-speed settings, whereas the Pro has 3. From experience, it’s convenient to have a lower speed, which also saves battery time.  If you are buying this as a gift to a younger child it’s also handy to be able to set the lower speed for safety reasons, which can also be done by the mobile app – smart parenting 101! 

What age/weight is it suitable for?

This scooter is not your average child toy electric scooter, its really aimed at adults, aged 16-50 years old.  The recommended height is 120-200 cm. Since this scooter does not have a height adjustment and stands at 114cm, smaller children of <10 years old would have a hard time riding it.

At the other end of the scale, it’s not really suited for the bigger guys and gals either, the maximum load advised by the manufacturer is 100 Kg (220 lbs). However, the M365 Pro listing claims that it supports weights of up to 120 kg. 

What is the range/distance?

Xiaomi claims that their electric M365 scooter can drive up to 30 km (18 mi) with a full charge. Of course, like most manufacturers, this is based on perfect, flat conditions or when using the slower speed power saving setting. So remember that driving on max speed or going up hills will result in a lower maximum distance.

Still, customer reviews of the Xiaomi M365 scooter indicate that it will reach at least 25 km (16 mi), which is promising. Furthermore, the M365 Pro offers a max. range of around 45 km (28 miles), an impressive 10 more miles than the stock edition!

Can it be used offroad?

Flat surfaces, of course, are the best terrain for the M365. It has no trouble riding on brick sidewalks or boardwalks, or even getting up small curbs thanks to the 8.5-inch tires which absorb small bumps and stones. It also makes light work of hills and accelerates smoothly which I was surprised by.

However, it’s not really designed for offroading. It’ll be ok on small steps not higher than 1 cm (0.39 inch) or gaps under 3 cm (1.18 inch), but since there’s no suspension you’ll have trouble going off-road or over rocky ground. 

Battery Life & Charging

Battery Life & Charging

Xiaomi M365 has a 42V LG high-performance safety lithium battery. The 18650 lithium-ion battery pack has the capacity of 280 Wh and its power consumption is at 1.1 kWh per 100 km. While it is not the biggest battery, Xiaomi has developed an energy recovery system to turn kinetic power into electrical energy for storage.

For example, when riding downhill just release the acceleration and lightly press brake, which will start storing energy. Their smartphone application allows changing the energy recovery levels. You can see how much battery you have left when you turn on your scooter with the 4 LED lights on the handlebar or you can use a smartphone app for more detail information.

Mi M365 battery life

Xiaomi Mi M365 Price
Check the latest prices on the Xiaomi Mi M365

How long does it take to charge?

Battery charge from 0-100% will take you around 5 to 5.5hours, which is really not bad compared to some other electric scooters. 

Battery protection & safety

Xiaomi have done a great job of protecting and securing the battery.  The M365 has 6 battery and electronics protections:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Double overcharge protection
  • Double over discharge protection
  • Temperature exception protection
  • Under voltage automatic sleep

How long will the battery last for?

Being a high-quality lithium-ion battery this should be enough for 500-1000 charges so even if you use it daily the battery should last you at least 2-3 years.

Design & Ergonomics

Design and Ergonomics

The design is unquestionably one of the strong sides of the Xiaomi scooter. The M365 is one of the best looking electric scooters on the market in 2023, it comes in slick black and white colors keeping it gender neutral and suitable for all ages. 

xiaomi white and black scooter

Xiaomi Mi M365 vs M365 Pro

As mentioned previously, Xiaomi have recently released the M365 Pro edition; this model offers increased performance and functionality. As the name suggests, the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro is the next step up from the original model.

The Pro offers an average max. range of approx. 45 km, further notifying the rider when the battery is low. This is a pretty decent step up from the stock model’s 30 km average range; over an additional 10 miles! Furthermore, the M365 Pro also features an additional speed setting; choose from ECO, Regular and Sports mode at the push of a button.

It’s hard to compare the M365 vs M365 Pro when they’re both so similar in both aesthetic and functionality, with both models offering the same top speed. However, what really sets the Pro apart vs M365 is definitely overall quality and functionality improvements. Vs M365, the Pro features brighter lights, longer performance, better brakes, a bigger battery and much more.

Lastly, even though the M365 Pro clearly wins vs the M365, they’re both similarly priced. Commuters will do well to snap up the upgraded edition of this already awesome electric scooter. Feel free to read our Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro review here.

Is it foldable?

It is very easy to fold and the locking mechanism is sturdy and secure. It takes just 3 seconds to fold the scooter for you to carry. Folded, the dimensions are 49cm x 108cm x 43cm, and unfolded the dimensions are 114 cm x 108cm x 43cm. 

xiaomi m365 folding electric scooter

Xiaomi Mi M365 Price
Check the latest prices on the Xiaomi Mi M365

What material is it made from?

Being made from aviation grade aluminum alloy it weights 12.5 kg (25 lbs). Not the lightest electric scooter on the market, but not too heavy for carrying.

Is the handlebar comfortable?

Handlebar has non-slip handles that are really comfortable for your hands even on long rides. They also have very good grip if you run out of battery and need to use the scooter as a simple kick scooter.

Xiaomi M365 is designed to be simple and easy to use. It has the brake lever, throttle button, and the power button. The power button controls all the features of the scooter.

Xiaomi Mi M365 review 2023

Does it connect to your smartphone?

The scooter is produced by a smartphone manufacturer and as you might expect, is well integrated to your smartphone via Bluetooth which can be controlled by a smartphone app for iOS and Android. Within the app you can manage speed, check battery status, ride history, recovery system control, and even cruise control.

xiaomi 365 smartphone app

Xiaomi Mi M365 Price
Check the latest prices on the Xiaomi Mi M365

Does it have suspension?

One possible downside is that the scooter has no suspension, however, as mentioned above this is an urban scooter and not really designed to go off-roading on rocky dirt roads. Despite not having suspension, many small bumps are absorbed by the big wheels. 

Build quality and ease of use

Although we mentioned that the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is not really designed for children, it is very easy to use. The simple and minimalistic design allows for a pleasurable ride during your commute to or from work. The small compact handlebar allows easy traveling between cars or pedestrians.

Aerial grade aluminum-alloy makes it very durable and the fast folding allows you to start or finish riding really quick. The 2 8.5 inch wheels allow for quick acceleration after the first push to start the motor. The scooter stop distance on a dry surface is just 4 meters, this is because of the front and rear double-brake system.

The wheels are equipped with style disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock system. However, we have seen a few people have complaints about the tires as they seem to flatten if you drive on bigger steps or sharper rocks. The good thing is you can purchase spare parts separately on sites like Aliexpress.com

Safety & Usability on the road

Safety and usability on the road

With the speed and power of the M365, safety is an obvious concern. However, Xiaomi has really packed as many features as they can to ensure protection for their riders. The scooter is equipped with a great disc brake system, a really bright front and back red warning light and fantastic, durable build quality. 

M365 lights front and back

Xiaomi Mi M365 Price
Check the latest prices on the Xiaomi Mi M365

Is the M365 waterproof?

The M365 is IP54 waterproof grade so a light rain and splashing water will not damage the scooter electronics. It should go without saying, but it shouldn’t be completely submerged in water! 

How does the cruise control work?

The cruise control is an awesome feature which really sets apart the Xiaomi 365 & Pro from other electric scooters and makes for much more comfortable long rides.  Using the app before your ride you can set up cruise control as desired. You can also switch between normal and energy saving mode, which will reduce max speed but increase the maximum distance.


The handlebars and turning circle are really designed to be used in the city on roads, pavements, or boardwalks. is very easy to navigate between pedestrians or cars in traffic – but do be careful!

Restrictions and availability

Different countries have their laws, therefore, it is very important to check your country or state laws before buying an electric scooter.

In the UK, for example, electric scooters fall under the category of PLEV (Personal Light Electric Vehicle) that means it is exempt from tax and needs no registration, but because of this, they are illegal to use on public roads and pavements in the UK.

In the USA in most states, electric vehicles powered by the motor under 20 m/h usually are street legal and require no registration. However, the laws change every day and it is very important to check your state’s laws beforehand, you are responsible to know your laws.

In general, the laws in most countries are quite strict, however, from experience if you are not giving trouble to pedestrians or cars and not creating dangerous situations you usually will be left unnoticed.

Xiaomi Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023

Xiaomi Mi M365 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2023

Will there be Xiaomi Mi M365 Black Friday deals in 2023? What about the M365 Pro? It’s no secret that the M365 is a hugely popular scooter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be price reductions.

We have seen several price movements throughout the year, but the dates don’t seem to correlate to seasonal deals. In fact, in the lead up to Black Friday, it seems that the M365 has actually increased in price.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Black Friday 2023

What does this mean? If you are searching for Xiaomi Mi M365 Black Friday deals, don’t just base your decision on percentage reductions, and be sure to check previous price history to ensure that you are actually getting a discount.

Lastly thanks for reading our Xiaomi Mi M365 review, remember to check back on this page and stay updated. Want more Black Friday information? Discover our in-depth Xiaomi Mi M365 Black Friday 2023 analysis!

Xiaomi Mi M365 Price
Check the latest prices on the Xiaomi Mi M365
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