Best Hoverboards Black Friday Deals 2023

Best Hoverboards Black Friday Deals 2023

[WARNING] Look out for Deceptive Hoverboard Black Friday deals in 2023!

Our team uses price trackers to monitor any price movements for top hoverboards so that we’re notified when hoverboard Black Friday deals are released. We come across a trend where sellers will raise the price in the lead up to Black Friday, only to lower the price on the actual day. The reason, of course, is to make it look like there is a large percentage discount. However, in actual fact, it’s not a discount from the regular price. Take the screenshot below as an example:

Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Black Friday 2018

Looking at the screenshot above, you’ll notice the steep jump of around 166% (!!) from the previous price in November of 2017. Just before Black Friday, the price was reduced by around 60%. The concern, though, is that the price was still higher than before Black Friday! The lesson here, of course, is to make sure that you always check price history, and don’t just purchase based on percentage discounts.

Will there be Hoverboard Black Friday deals in 2023?

If you are currently in the market for a Hoverboard or self-balancing scooter, then it may be the perfect time for you to buy! We have put together the best Hoverboard Black Friday deals and discounts we think will occur this year. Hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters, have seen some great discounts in past Black Fridays and we think there will be more to come in 2023. Our team has done some price analysis using historical price data to assess what we think could occur this year. Be sure to check back on this page as we will be updating information with potential deals!

Black Friday Hoverboard Analysis

MEGAWHEELS Hoverboard Black Friday

MEGAWHEELS Hoverboard Black Friday

To start off the list of the best hoverboard Black Friday Deals is the Megawheels self-balancing board. This board combines functionality and design at a reasonable price tag. Coming in eight different colors of black, blue, gold, white, pink, spaceship, starry sky and red. As well as Lunar LED lights, to improve visibility when riding in the dark and stylise the board more. Not only does the board have many color variations, but also perform great. A dual 250 Watt motor delivering its power and giving it the ability to reach speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour. Not only does it travel at a good speed but it can travel up to 10km on one charge. This means if you are looking to travel long distances at ease, this may be just the board for you. The Mega board also only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge it. It also has a safety guaranteed battery with a UL 2272 certification, meaning that it can be safely used indoors and outdoors.

We have done some price analysis on this board using historical data. 2 years ago in 2017, this hoverboard did not see any Black Friday deals. However, during the year there was a sale of approximately 30%. This combined with the fact that the board is another year older indicates that it has a good chance of getting a Black Friday deal this year in 2023.

NHT 6.5″ inch Aurora Hoverboard Black Friday

NHT Aurora Hoverboard black friday

Next on the list of potential Black Friday hoverboard deals for 2023 is the NHT Aurora board. This board comes in a large range of different options and three different style series. The Rainbow, Spider, Chrome and Carbon fiber series all have a few different colors to pick from as well as different light patterns and colors. There are 14 different styles of this board alone! With headlights to improve visibility, top lights that are sensor activated when you hop on your ride and sidelights on the wheels that light up as you move. The NHT also has a built-in speaker that can be connected to with Bluetooth, allowing you to play music as you roll down the street. Blue tooth connectivity that supports connection from iPhone, Android, and computers means that there are few restrictions. It can reach speeds of up to 6.5 miles per hour and a distance of 7.5 miles per hour on a single charge. The self-balancing board is powered by a dual motor system that has a UL 2272 safety certification to guarantee its battery safety when outdoor use, as is now the industry standard.

The board is not even a year old so we could not use historical data to analyze last years Black Friday sales. However, since its release, we have noticed that the price has increased by approximately 40% just before they put it on sale. Therefore we think you may want to keep a careful eye out to see if the price rapidly increases before Black Friday 2023 that may make sales look better than they actually are.

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover Board Black Friday

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover Board

According to Gotrax, the Hoverfly Eco board is the number one selling hoverboard in the USA. It is their mid-range board and combines speed, power and function is a stylish design. We think you may love this board. It can reach a top speed of up to 7.4 miles per hour and travel a distance of approximately 9 to 10 miles on a single charge (given consistent conditions). The board can go on basic offroading but is rather built to perform well on streets and urban areas. Gotrax has pushed the bar higher with its charging speed, taking only 1.5 hours to reach full charge (one of the quickest in the market). It also has the industry standard UL 2272 safety certification letting you ride with peace in mind. One thing that we love about this board is its app it can pair with. The Gotrax Hoverfly app is available on the iOS and Android marketplaces. Pairing with Bluetooth the app gives the user the ability to monitor the hoverboards, temperature, speed and battery usage. Front and back lights as well as coming in 6 different colors means that you can have a board that looks great too.

The board is less than a year old so there is no information on previous Black Friday Deals. However, it did see a discount of around 20 to 25% a few months ago. Therefore, we think it may be worth keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals in 2023 on this hoverboard.

GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Black Friday

GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard black friday

Another Gotrax board that we think is worth watching out for Black Friday deals is the Hoverfly ION. The board is targeted mainly towards kids and has a lower price tag than most. However, this certainly does not come at a sacrifice to features. It is a lightweight board that can travel to speeds of up to 6.2 Miles per hour. A 400-watt dual motor system gives the board its speed. However, as it is designed for younger use its maximum weight is 176 pounds, which is quite a lot less than the industry standard of 220 pounds. It has a range of 5-9 Miles on a single charge. It has front, rear and wheel lights giving it quite a futurist look. The hoverboard also comes in 9 different colors!

There is unfortunately very little data on the price history of this hoverboard. However, it is pretty common for hoverboards to see Black Friday deals. If you are in the market for a lightweight board for a younger user then the Gotrax Hoverfly board may be just right for you. We will be updating this post with any more information we find regarding potential discounts.

Swagtron Swagboard Vibe Black Friday

swagtron vibe black friday

Next on the list is the powerful Swagtron Swagboard Vibe. If you are after a hoverboard that is packed full of features and performs really well then this one may be perfect for you. It sits at a bit of a higher price than most other boards. However, this is due to is its great performance. It can reach a fast speed of up to 7.5 miles per hour and travel up inclines of 30 degrees! A dual 150-watt motor system gives its speed and power. It can be fully charged in 90 to 100 minutes and travel approximately 8 miles on a single charge. One thing that we love about this board is that it has an IPX4 splash proof rating, making it safe to use outside and in some wetter conditions. The hoverboard can be paired to by Bluetooth to play music and pair to an app. Built-in speakers mean that you can listen to music as you ride. The Swagtron App also means that the board’s speed can be tracked from the use of a smartphone. Considered a sports board, it has three different modes to adjust to different conditions.

Our price analysis has gathered information that you may find interesting. Last year the hoverboard Black Friday discount was 15% for the Swagtron Vibe T580. The average price of the board is also two-thirds of what it used to be and has seen a few discounts since last Black Friday. Therefore, our analysis indicates that this hoverboard could get an even better discount this Black Friday in 2023. The board has also seen price fluctuations of around 20% in the last couple of months. Due to all this price movement, we think there is great potential for a Black Friday deal. Be sure to check back here come Black Friday.

XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Hoverboard Black Friday

XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Hoverboard black friday

This board is designed and made to be for those on a budget. However, it still has some great features. It comes in 6 different colors as well flashing LED lights in a range of different colors. Even though it is much cheaper than other boards, it can still travel up to 8 miles per hour! As well as a capacity to travel up to 9-12 miles on a single charge. The board will take 2-3 hours to charge, so, therefore, performs well considering its price tag. However, it struggles up inclines as it can only operate on inclines up to 5 degrees. It does have built-in speakers that can be connected to via Bluetooth with a smartphone, giving you music playing abilities. It also has a UL 2272 battery safety certification, which is essential.

The hoverboard did not see any discounts last Black Friday. However, there has been quite a bit of fluctuation in the price level of the board over the year. It is approximately 30% cheaper than it was a year ago and has seen some further discounts over the year. Therefore, we think that as the hoverboard is another year older that it may be likely to see a Black Friday deal in 2023.

Swagtron Swagboard Pro Black Friday

Swagtron Swagboard Pro black friday

Another board made by Swagtron, we think the Pro model could be worth watching this Black Friday. The Pro model boasts a top speed of 8 miles per hour and a range of 11 miles in a single charge! This is also combined with an incredibly quick 1 hour maximum charge time, therefore making it quick and mobile to take anywhere. A 250-watt dual motor system and gear stabilization mean that it can go all around town fairly easily. Supported with two modes of standard and learning, it adjusts to the level of the user. Swagtron claims that the Swagboard Pro was the first in the market to receive the UL2272 overall certification and is leading the way with patent pending a UL2272 certified SentaryShield battery pack. It comes in 6 different colors of red, black, blue, white, pink and gold.

Our price analysis showed some interesting information. The price of the board was raised last year just before Black Friday by 5% before receiving a sale of the same level. Therefore it, in reality, did not see any price reductions in the 2017 Black Friday deals. The price has seemed to stay at a relatively consistent level throughout the year. Therefore it is hard to assess whether it will get Black Friday discounts. Watch out for any significant price increase just before this Black Friday as it may offset any discounts it receives.

NHT Hoverboard – All Terrain Rugged Hoverboard Black Friday

NHT Hoverboard - All Terrain Rugged hoverboard black friday

Last but not least on this year’s hoverboard Black Friday deals to watch out for, is the only offroading board we have featured. The NHT all terrain rugged hoverboard is built with durability in mind. A powerful 350-watt dual motor system gives it the capability to travel up to 8.5 miles per hour and up inclines of 17 degrees. The battery should last approximately 2 to 3 hours on a single charge. Therefore giving it a range of up to 13 miles. It can also be paired with smartphones to play music over its built-in speakers.

There is, unfortunately, a lack of price data on this board. However be sure to check back here as we will be updating the page with potential Black Friday discounts that we may find for this hoverboard.


To sum it all up, these are the best eight hoverboards that we think are likely to release Black Friday Discounts in 2023. Our analysis team has included a range of different boards, from budget-friendly to off-roading abilities. If you are in the market for a hoverboard, we think that Black Friday could see some great discounts on these boards. Be sure to check back here as we will be updating the page with any potential deals and discount information.

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Best Hoverboards Black Friday Deals 2023
Best Hoverboards Black Friday Deals 2023