Best Electric Unicycle Black Friday Deals 2023

Best Electric Unicycle Black Friday Deals 2023

Black Friday Electric Unicycle Deals 2023

With all the advances in Personal Electric Vehicles, a remarkable ride often overlooked is the electric unicycle. Admittedly, at first glance you’re not sure what to make of it, but as soon as you use one they really start to charm. Whilst definitely harder to master in comparison to electric scooters, hoverboards and skateboards, even average models often outperform some of the best alternatives. Many riders will be eager to get their hands on one of these versatile unicycles, but some will be dissuaded by the fairly hefty price tags.

To help all you crafty commuters, we’ve compiled a list of possible Cyber Monday & Black Friday electric unicycle deals for 2023. Electric unicycles make for a great way to travel and offer a surprising amount of functionality. On average, these mono-wheels are faster than many other forms of travel, including electric scooters and skateboards. To further raise the bar, many of these unicycles boast a range of over 20 miles, far above any hoverboard!

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of electric unicycles currently available on the market, thus the likelihood of any truly exciting Black Friday electric unicycle deals are slim. However, we’ve rounded up the most promising candidates and taken a variety of aspects into account, including range, price, design, weight limit, safety and more. So without delay, let’s get started!

Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle

First on our list is the Hoverclub Solo, a surprisingly cost-effective electric unicycle perfect for those on a budget. Whilst selling for such a reasonable price, the Solo boasts specs on par with even high-end hoverboards and other alternatives. Featuring a powerful 500W motor that enables this Solo to reach a maximum speed of 7.5 mph (depending on rider weight), alongside also traversing 15° inclines without issue. Whilst offering a fairly underwhelming top speed, the Solo more than makes up for it with an impressive 12.5 mile range.

Hoverclub Solo Unicycle

Furthermore, this unicycle accommodates for riders of varying shapes and sizes, with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs (100kg). What makes this even more impressive is the fact that it weight just a mere 29.3 lbs (13.3kg). Easily transport and fold your Solo wherever you go, be it on your way to work or your journey home. This electric unicycle packs up beautifully into small spaces and further features a retractable handle to carry it with. In terms of safety, the Hoverclub Solo also features self balancing training wheels alongside dual air-filled tires. This greatly aids in balance and control for novice and experienced riders alike. Ride in safety and style, this device has passed all of the rigorous UL2272 testing requirements for fire and electrical safety.

Hoverclub Solo Black Friday Price Chart

Hoverclub Solo Black Friday Electric Unicycle 2023 Price Charts

Many Personal Electric Vehicles enthusiasts will already be happy with that price tag, especially in comparison to the rest of the alternatives. Although, any Hoverclub Solo Black Friday electric unicycle deals and discounts is open to speculation. We took a look at various websites and also checked the Amazon price charts for any notable changes in price. Whilst the price has already been slashed recently, it was only by $20. Furthermore, the Hoverclub Solo’s already low price tag makes the possibility of any Black Friday electric unicycle deals this 2023. However, they may need an excuse to clear out stock or offer a sale, so you never know what will happen. Keep an eye out for any future changes closer to the big day.

InMotion V10F

Next on our list of possible Black Friday electric unicycle deals for 2023 is the impressive InMotion V10F. Starting off, this is one of the highest performing electric unicycles on the market, which is no easy feat. At first, we thought this was a typo… However the V10F boasts a remarkable range of 62 miles, which is honestly incredible, this is thanks to great energy efficiency and a behemoth 12.8AH battery. Of course, total range varies depending on rider weight, style and terrain but regardless, a 62 mile range is insane. What’s more, another mind blowing boast from the InMotion V10F is it’s 2000W motor. That’s one of the most powerful motors we’ve ever seen in electric transport, truly a racer of a unicycle, I can see why they named it the “V10”.

InMotion V10F Black Friday Electric Unicycle

This incredible performance does also come at a cost, with an above average charge time of around 8 hours. The V10F also offers a top speed of 25mph, far above many electric unicycles and top-tier alternatives on the market. The V10F incorporates a number of advanced features into its superior specifications. Capable of climbing inclines of up to 30 degrees and supporting a maximum weight of 260 lbs (118 kg) whilst weighing just 45.4 lbs (20.6 kg). In terms of safety, this mono-wheel passes vigorous fire and electric safety standards, alongside attaining an IP55 rating, meaning the V10F has a fairly decent level of water and dust protection. For lighting, this awesome unicycle includes all the bells and whistles, with fully custom front, read and side LED lights. Furthermore, riders have access to advanced in-app statistics, allowing you to track your performance and usage.

InMotion V10F Black Friday Price Chart

InMotion V10F Black Friday Electric Unicycle Price Chart

This is definitely a high spec board for serious Personal Electric Vehicles enthusiasts, being almost top of the line. As such, many might grimace at the price tag. However, we believe there is a strong chance for some V10F Black Friday electric unicycle deals this 2023. After some digging and also consulting Amazon’s price charts, we saw significant Black Friday discounts last year. Total price fell drastically over the duration of November, gradually increasing by 10% in December on the run up to Christmas before returning to full price by April. Whilst this doesn’t guarantee any V10F electric unicycle Black Friday deals, it’s a very clear indicator that you should pay close attention to it!

InMotion are a US based company with a high standard of customer care and extreme emphasis on build quality, offering a 1 year warranty for all official purchases.

InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2

Another exciting electric unicycle from pioneer InMotion, the V5F Solowheel Glide 2. A much more affordable Personal Electric Vehicles alternative, whilst still offering a variety of impressive specs and features. Much like it’s beefier brother, the V5F also boasts a fairly remarkable maximum range of 25 miles, depending on terrain, etc. Now if you’ve just finished reading about the V10F, this now seems like half a walk in the park. However, don’t let it distract you from the fact that the V5F still offers a range far above many other alternatives on the market and is suitably priced for its specifications. It’s sleek design and powerful 550W motor aid in reaching top speeds of 15.6 mph and capable of supporting up to 260 lbs (188 kg). Riders should also note that there is a significant decrease in performance at heavier weights.

Black Friday Electric Unicycle

This range and speed couldn’t be achieved without the Glide 2’s safe, high capacity 84V UL compatible Lithium battery. All of this power is packed into a slim, sleek body aiding in extremely easy storage and ready for action within just 3.5 hours charge time. Another cool feature of the Solowheel Glide 2 is the motor kill button. Located just under the handle, the motor will not spin out when you lift up the wheel, perfect for barriers and curbs. Further passing a number of strict fire and electrical safety standards. This board boasts an IP55 waterproof rating, offering significant protection against water and dust. However, we wouldn’t recommend submerging it for any period of time.

InMotion V5F SoloWheel Glide 2 Black Friday Price Chart

InMotion V5F Black Friday Electric Unicycle Price Chart

This electric unicycle is also fully app enabled. Track your performance, usage, calibration, diagnostics and more. Whilst featuring front and read LED headlights, we were unable to locate any custom lighting options, however. Moving on to the juicy stuff, we all want to know whether there will be any SoloWheel Glide 2 Black Friday electric unicycle deals this 2023. We took a look at a number of websites and consulted Amazon’s price chart, but to fairly inconclusive results. We found no evidence of any previous Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for the SoloWheel Glide 2. Looking at the price chart, the price has recently been raised. Whether this is permanent, or InMotion decide to “discount” the V5F closer to the day, make sure you’re actually getting a deal. Pay close attention to this one and check back later!

InMotion are a US based company with a high standard of customer care and extreme emphasis on build quality, offering a 1 year warranty for all official purchases.

SEADOSHOPPING Electronic Unicycle

The next possible contender for some Black Friday electric unicycle deals from SEADOSHOPPING. Whilst not much is known about this brand, their unicycle offers a number of surprising specs that put it on par many others. Starting with safety, this electric unicycle offers IP56 waterproofing, offering significant protection against strong water jets and dust. However, we wouldn’t recommend submerging it. Further passing a number of fire and electric safety standards, the SEADOSHOPPING is perfectly safe. It’s lightweight aluminium alloy also make it strong and sturdy, as well as safe.

SEADOSHOPPING Electric Unicycle

Moving on to performance, this unicycle offers a maximum speed of 12.4 mph (20 km/h). Whilst this may not sound impressive, it’s still on par with many high-end hoverboards. In terms of range, the SEADOSHOPPING offers a 15.5 mile (25 km) ride off a single charge. Whilst this is comparatively low to others on our list, this mono-wheel is one of the fastest to charge, taking just 1-2 hours maximum. Furthermore, this electric unicycle is also capable of tackling gradients of up to 45 degrees, greater than the V10F!

SEADOSHOPPING Electric Unicycle Black Friday Price Chart

SEADOSHOPPING Black Friday Price Charts

The SEADOSHOPPING unicycle is actually more expensive than the V5F, which we believe offers far greater performance and also functionality. However, this is subject to change when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around. The big question is will SEADOSHOPPING offer better Black Friday discounts than InMotion, or will they offer anything at all? We’ve taken a look online and at some price charts to help aid in our predictions. SEADOSHOPPING have clearly lowered the price recently and it would appear likely that they would do so again. As it stands, their competitors are offering better products at a lower price, so they surely must offer some Black Friday deals in order to compete and make sales. Pay close attention for any updates and make sure you’re getting a real deal.

IOTAtrax – Compact Style Hoverboard – Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Next up is the IOTAtrax, a sort of hoverboard unicycle hybrid. Now, it’s important to note that this is a list of possible electric unicycle Black Friday deals and not a list of the best unicycles. As such, I had the displeasure of reviewing and speculating this unicycle. Now, there are some things the IOTAtrax does well, including having an extremely fast charge time of just over 30 minutes. It’s fairly intuitive and easy to ride, with large, comfortable foot stands. Capable of comfortably tackling 10 degree inclines, we even managed to push it to 20!

IOTATrax Electric Unicycle

However, the IOTAtrax really doesn’t have too much going for it. Even though it was advertised on Kickstarter as weighing just 8 lbs (3.6 kg), it actually weighs 15 lbs (6.8 kg). According to reviews, this electric unicycle has poor battery life, slower than expected (although speed is dependent on a number of variables) and its tyres are hard to fill. Furthermore, it’s comparatively low top speed of 8 mp/h (12.8 km/h) and a battery life of just 6 miles (9.65 km), means this unicycle isn’t worth the price. Much better alternatives exist on the market for a just a little bit more. However, this is why we believe that there is potential for a Black Friday discount on this electric unicycle.

IOTATrax Electric Unicycle Black Friday Price Chart

IOTATrax Electric Unicycle Black Friday 2023 Price Chart

We’re sure IOTAtrax will aim to rid themselves of as much stock as possible, since they surely can’t be selling many of these throughout the year. Interestingly enough, IOTAtrax raised the price by around 20% in May, so if they do decide to lower the prices, make sure you still get a good deal. I would say keep your eye out for any deals, but I’d honestly recommend something else.

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle

Another exciting electric unicycle from InMotion. The V8 offers the same incredible performance that’s become commonplace from InMotion products. Featuring 16″ air-filled bike tires enable easy riding on a huge variety of surfaces, giving smooth rides on bumpy terrains. It includes a conevenient, retractable built in handle for easy transportation, just lift the handle and roll it around like a suitcase. Ensure your visibility with RGB custom front, rear and side lights and suit your colour style in the app. Furthermore, the mobile app also allows users to track performance, usage, diagnostics, customisation and more.

InMotion V8 black friday electric unicycle

Large footstands ensure maximum comfort when riding and help in pulling off sharp, precise turns. Tackle the tightest turning radius without your pedals ever touching the ground. The V8 is capable of supporting a maximum weight of up to 260 lbs (188 kg). Further featuring a top speed of 19 mp/h (30.5 km/h), although reaching top speed always depends on rider weight, terrain, etc. However, we did have trouble getting it past 17 mp/h. The InMotion V8 further boasts a 25-30 mile (40-48 km) maximum range, which again is truly a marvel.

It’s extremely rare to find a form of Personal Electric Vehicles that offers such a range, but InMotion manage to do it again and again. In terms of safety, the InMotion V8 boasts an IP55 rated for water resistance, ensuring suitable protection against the elements. However, we don’t recommend submerging or pushing your electric unicycle to its limits.

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle Black Friday Price Charts

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle Black Friday 2023 Price Charts

Another feature that InMotion unicycles incorporate is the motor kill button, located just under the handle. The moment the wheel lifts, the motor stops spinning out. Perfect for lifting over barriers and curbs without powering off. Now, the real question is will InMotion offer any V8 electric unicycle Black Friday deals this 2023. After some research and consulting price charts, we believe this to be quite likely. While the price charts don’t tell us much, the fact that prices raised in April indicates previous Black Friday 2018 discounts. Pay close attention and stay updated!

InMotion are a US based company with a high standard of customer care and extreme emphasis on build quality, offering a 1 year warranty for all official purchases.

Onewheel Pint & XR Models

Onewheel designs feature an innovative new take on the conventional unicycle. These bad boys are like a cross between a skateboard and a giant wheel and even rides like a skateboard. Riders have an excellent amount of control and freedom of movement which rivals every other unicycle on the market. Starting off with the smaller model, at just 27 inches long the Onewheel Pint offers a 6-8 mile range and a top speed of 16 mp/h. The Pint also features a handy lightbar built into the front footpad to monitor battery and other in-ride alerts. It’s hard to decide whether to call these unicycles or uniboards, however we do know that they eat through harsh inclines and hills like they’re nothing. Furthermore, you’ll ride as silent as a ninja, thanks to the hypercore brushless motor, explosively quiet power.

OneWheel Pint black friday 2023

OneWheel Pint

The Onewheel XR model is physically larger and offers a 12-18 mile range, with a top speed of 19 mp/h. Much like the Pint, the XR also features a hypercore brushless motor to propel you along with some serious stealth. Incredibly capable of tackling hills, inclines and harsh terrains, the possibilities of this board is limitless. In many ways, these uniboards actually operate better than skateboards, operating in a huge number of terrains and requiring no physical power to propel yourself. Both models are app connected, meaning that you can monitor, diagnose and tweak settings for your awesome ride from the comfort of your phone.

Onewheel XR Black Friday

OneWheel XR

Incredible control & responsiveness

You may wonder, why bother with the Onewheel when the other unicycles listed offer such incredible range? We believe that the control you have when riding one of these innovative boards is the real selling point. Simply lean your weight and drift towards your chosen direction with phenomenal responsiveness, try pulling that off on a conventional unicycle without breaking a bone. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of any Black Friday sales for these awesome unicycles yet… However, make sure to keep checking back, it’s only a matter of time and this is a board you don’t want to miss!

“Mystery Unicycle”

The last on our list and certainly something “different”. More of an investigation than an analysis, our interest was piqued after noticing the extreme price. This electric unicycle boasted a max speed of 45 km/h and a range of 100 km. So, naturally we were simultaneously impressed and confused. Where had this mystery super cycle come from? With no branding, we believed it may be something new like Amazon’s own brand, with prices massively raised for Black Friday.

However, a much more heinous crime was afoot. The design and overall specifications looked familiar and after a little digging, we discovered that it was actually the Ninebot One Z10! Now this is certainly a hazard for those with more money than sense, with most shying away at the price instantly. It just goes to show to always do your research, nobody wants to spend almost 5 grand for a Z10. Please report this listing to Amazon and help save some poor soul from buying one.


To conclude, there is a strong chance of many attentive Personal Electric Vehicles enthusiasts being rewarded with some electric unicycle Black Friday deals this 2023. Many students and commuters will be put off by large and scary price tags from these products, or lured in by seemingly unbelievable deals. However, these will always be subject to change, be it from a simple sale to inventory clearance. Please ensure to always consult the price charts to ensure that you get actually save money, as many companies raise prices to give the illusion of a good deal.

If you’ve found a product with a deal too good to be true and are unsure, send us a message and let us know. As we saw with the false Z10 scandal, it’s important to know what you’re buying. Avoid paying 3 times the price and getting no warranty from fake listings, always make sure to buy from reputable vendors. We will be updating this page to reflect any updates in these products, including price and availability. Alongside this, we will always look for any new and exciting electric unicycles added to the market. Stay alert and let us know if you’ve found any great deals that we may have missed. As always, happy Black Friday bargain hunting!

Best Electric Unicycle Black Friday Deals 2023
Best Electric Unicycle Black Friday Deals 2023