Hiboy S2 vs Hiboy Max Review 2023

Hiboy S2 vs Hiboy Max Review 2023

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Welcome to our Hiboy S2 vs Max review for 2023. Before beginning, here's a brief summary and the pros & cons surrounding this model. For starters, both of these models are incredibly cost-effective, boasting a selection of fun & functional features. Give your wrist a rest with cruise control, or enjoy regenerative braking on the Hiboy Max. Both models boast similar speed, range and payloads; supporting weights of up to 220 lbs (100 kg). Both models are also comparatively lightweight, weighing under 20 kg each, thanks to their durable aluminium alloy frame. All in all, we feel this is one of the best budget eScooters on the market right now. However, we encourage you to read the rest of our 2023 Hiboy S2 vs Max review and decide for yourself!
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
  • Cruise control
  • Mobile app support
  • Decent speed & range
  • Very competitively priced
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Integrated head, tail & side lights
  • Supports up to 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • No statement regarding warranty
  • 4-6 hour charge time
  • Fairly similar models

Specification: Hiboy S2 vs Hiboy Max Review 2023

Free shipping Varies depending on vendor
Mobile app
Return policy
Warranty Varies depending on vendor
Make Hiboy
Model Max, S2
Weight 16.37-18.5 kg (36.1-40.8 lbs)
Foldable Yes
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) 45.7 x 16.5 x 19.3"
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes
Speed and Performance
Can it be used offroad? No
Cruise control Yes
Max incline Unspecified
Max weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Motor size 350W
Range 17 miles (27.3 km)
Top speed 18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)
Tyre Size 8.5″
Tyre Type Solid rubber
Brakes Double Braking (Manual/Electric)
Lights Head, tail & side lighting
Regenerative braking Yes (Max only)
Removable battery No
Seat Installation available, No
Water resistance Undisclosed
Suspension Dual front suspension, Rear
Battery and Charging
Battery size 270Wh
Battery Type Lithium ion
Charging time 4-6 hours


Hiboy Max Electric Scooter

Check out the Hiboy Max here

Hiboy S2 vs Hiboy Max Overview

These are two extraordinarily similar models and it took us a while to actually realise the differences. Both models feature both manual and electronic braking for added safety, alongside sturdy 8.5 inch tires. Furthermore, there are reports of multiple speed settings, ranging from beginner, normal and sports mode; please note that the S2 reportedly changes speed with double tap instead of single.

This is all selected through the one button function, simply tap once to change speed settings, double tap to turn on/off lights and lastly triple tap to switch speed measurements. However, whilst both models offer similar performance in range, speed and features, there are a few notable differences that set the two apart.

Similar performance with different designs

At 28.9 lbs, the S2 is lighter than the Max, which weighs in at around 34 lbs. The Hiboy S2 also has the capacity to install an optional seat, whereas the Max can’t. The S2 also features advanced dual rear suspension as opposed to the Max’s singular front suspension. If this hasn’t convinced you that the S2 is the superior choice, perhaps the price tag will. It seemingly doesn’t make sense, however the superior S2 is actually cheaper than the Max model, which is rather strange. Either way, commuters will do well to snap up this cost-effective electric scooter, with Amazon even offering an additional $30 off when bought through them.

Hiboy S2 eScooter
Check prices & deals for this exciting electric scooter!

There are also reports that the Max offers a climbing capacity of up to 15 degrees; whether or not the S2 also offers this is unconfirmed. One thing that lets these models down is the fairly long charge time, with the Max taking around 4-6 hours to charge, alongside the Hiboy S2 taking approx. 6 hours. This is fine for those who have time to burn, however we have come to expect greater performance in speed or range in trade for such a long charge time.

However, we’ve also seen reports stating that the Max offers a kinetic energy recovery system, whereas no such information was available for the S2, prompting us to believe that the Max has a few tricks up its sleeve. Furthermore, the Hiboy Max and S2 differ ever so slightly in the folding mechanism, alongside side light colours, with the Max blue and the S2 red. Lastly, whilst these scooters may seem extremely similar, there are definitely some key differences there; with the Hiboy S2 offering increased performance at a lower price, the right choice obvious.

Check out the Hiboy S2 here

Key Features of the Hiboy S2 & Hiboy Max

Both the Hiboy S2 and Max feature a silent yet powerful 350W electric brushless hub motor. This in turn allows both scooters to offer speeds of over 15 mp/h, however we’ll delve into specifics later on. Hiboy claim the aim of creating “incredible and reliable personal transportation vehicles” ranging from scooters to skateboards, hoverboards, ebikes and more.

Currently, there is no extensive information on Hiboy as a company; we were unable to find any information on how long they’ve been operating or any customer services offered, however we did find that they have offices in the US.

Whilst there is no official statement on warranty, we have found reports that riders must pay return shipping costs in order to take advantage of said warranty. However much this may cost is relative to your location, so we cannot specify any figures. Company information aside, let’s jump straight into the comparison between the Hiboy S2 and the Hiboy Max electric scooters.

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Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Features:

  • Max speed: Approx. 18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)
  • Max range: Approx. 17 miles (27.3 km)
  • Quiet 350W electric brushless hub motor
  • Digital dashboard
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.
  • Fully folding & highly portable
  • Head, tail & sidelights included
  • App integrated: Cruise control, lighting and locking options.

 Hiboy Max Electric Moped Features:

  • Max speed: Approx. 18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)
  • Max range: Approx. 17 miles (27.3 km)
  • Digital dashboard
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Fully folding & highly portable
  • Head, tail & sidelights included
  • Quiet 350W electric brushless hub motor
  • App integrated: Cruise control, lighting and locking options.
  • Cost-effective: Reasonably priced with Amazon also currently offering $30 off with coupon
  • Kinetic energy recovery system
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.
Hiboy Max DimensionsHiboy Max SpeedHiboy Max RangeHiboy Max Charging timeHiboy Max WeightFoldableSmartphone app?Cruise control?
Hiboy Max Suspension Disc brakesHiboy Max Waterproof ratingLights?
44.5 x 18.8 x 2.8 inches18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)17 miles (27.3 km)4-6 hours18.5 kg (40.8 lbs)YesSupports Andriod and iOSYes.Rear suspensionYesN/AFront, back & sidelights
Hiboy S2 DimensionsHiboy S2 SpeedHiboy S2 RangeHiboy S2 Charging timeHiboy S2 WeightFoldableSmartphone app?Cruise control?Hiboy S2 Suspension Disc brakesHiboy S2 Waterproof ratingLights?
45.7 x 17 x 47.2 inches18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)17 miles (27.3 km)6 hours16.37 kg (36.1 lbs)YesSupports Andriod and iOSYes.Dual Front SuspensionYesN/AFront, back & sidelights

Speed, Power & Distance

Speed, Power & Distance

How fast does it go?

Both models: Approx. 18.6 mp/h (29.9 km/h)

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Both support recommended weights from 50-220 lbs. However, please note that increased weights will impact performance, from top speed to range.

What is the range/distance?

Both models: Approx. 17 miles (27.3 km)

Hiboy S2 eScooter
Check prices & deals for this exciting electric scooter!

Battery Life & Charging

Battery Life & Charging

How long does it take to charge?

Hiboy S2: Approx. 6 hours.

Hiboy Max: Approx. 4-6 hours.

Battery protection & safety

No mention of battery protection, however both models feature a 270WH Lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, modern electric scooters must adhere to strict fire and electrical safety standards for in order for production to the public.

How long will the battery last for?

Not mentioned, however here is an average for both models reached from dividing top speed by range:

Approx. 50 minutes at top speed (estimate)

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Check out the Hiboy S2 here

Design & Ergonomics

Design and Ergonomics

On the topic of design, both models share close similarities with the Segway Ninebot Max G30; save from a few design choices such as light positioning, colours and also a few other design choices. Feel free to take a look and compare for yourself.

What material is it made from?

Hiboy S2: Lightweight aluminium

Hiboy Max: Unspecified

Can it be used as a regular scooter?

Both models do not specify, however should the scooters not lock when out of battery, we see no reason why they shouldn’t operate as standard push scooters.

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Yes, both models offer mobile app integration, allowing riders to set cruise control, speeds, lock/unlock the scooters and turn lights on/off. Check out the Hiboy mobile app here, alongside the specifically released Hiboy Max mobile app.

Hiboy S2 eScooter
Check prices & deals for this exciting electric scooter!

Build quality and ease of use

Hiboy is a relatively unknown company, so we cannot attest to the overall quality and customer support. However, reviews for this product are mostly positive, leading us to believe that the production quality of these scooters are up to scratch.

Furthermore, modern electric scooters must adhere to strict fire and electrical safety standards, resulting in an increase in quality control. The features incorporated on both models are that of mid-higher end models and the speed/ranges offered are fairly decent.

Hiboy S2 vs MAX review 2023

Safety & Usability on the road

Safety and usability on the road

LED Headlights, suspension, braking system.

Is the Hiboy S2 / Hiboy Max waterproof?


Restrictions and availability

The Hiboy website states that they operate in the United States, Spain and Germany. However, we assume that they also ship to a number of countries throughout the world. However, we cannot promise that your region is included in this list, check your local laws to make sure that your country allows such transportation methods.

Hiboy S2 eScooter
Check prices & deals for this exciting electric scooter!


Hiboy S2 / Max Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2023

Whilst we did a fair amount of digging, we were unable to find any evidence regarding previous Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for these models. However, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any future Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023 deals and keep this post updated. Check back in the future and hopefully save some money. Alternatively, check out our in-depth Hiboy Coupons page for 2023.

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