All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series Review 2020

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series Review 2020

High powered, long range all terrain electric skateboard

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Evolve Carbon GT series Key Features

Take a look at the key features, and continue reading for our in-depth Evolve Carbon GT series review.

DimensionsSpeedRangeCharging timeWeightSmartphone appWaterproof ratingLightsMax Load
Deck Length 102 cm (40 inches)
Deck wheelbase 95 cm (37.5 inches)
36-42 km/h (22 – 26 m/h) on both setupsStreet setup 50 km (31 miles)
All-Terrain setup 30 km (18.5 miles)
4-5 hoursStreet setup 7.9 kg (17 lbs)
All-Terrain setup 9.5 kg (21 lbs)
NoNot WaterproofNone100 kg (220 lbs)

Evolve Carbon GT series overview

Hello guys and welcome back to another Personal Electric Vehicles vehicle overview! Today we will be looking at one more electric skateboard series from Australian e-skateboard company Evolve Skateboards. The Aussie company has successfully developed a number of electric skateboards that have a huge range, are very durable, and very fast not only on the streets but also off-road.

We have already looked at Evolve Bamboo GT and Evolve Bamboo GTX series skateboards that are very flexible and comfortable to go extreme off-roading, and also have the ability to be great alternative transportation for commuting long distances in urban settings.

Today we will look at the third Evolve sibling series, Carbon GT. These skateboards are very durable, have insane range before needing a charge, can go offroad, and are one of the fastest electric skateboards currently on the market.

The main difference that sets apart Carbon GT from the Bamboo series is the deck. Being made from carbon, the deck is lighter than Bamboo series decks and are much stiffer which results in a very stable ride when going on max speed.

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series
High powered, long range all terrain electric skateboard

What models are in the Evolve Carbon GT Series?

In this Evolve Carbon GT series review we will be looking at three options that are available in the Evolve Carbon GT series:

  • A Street electric skateboard.
  • An All-Terrain electric skateboard.
  • A 2in1 package (Street and AT wheels).

Evolve Skateboards did a great job offering different builds for people with different needs. Continue reading to get an insight of which setup might fit you best.

Speed, Power & Distance

Evolve Carbon GT series electric skateboards are powered by 3000 Watt dual high-performance brushless motors. These motors not only have fast acceleration and can reach high-speeds but also provide massive hill climbing power. Carbon GT series skateboards have up to 25% gradient climb documented in their manual but in our tests, the skateboards climbed even steeper hills. Evolve Skateboards even did a challenge where they managed to climb the world’s steepest street (35% gradient) with Carbon GT street model.

How fast do they go?

Evolve skateboards are fast! Carbon GT series will allow you to reach up to 36-42 km/h (22 – 26 m/h) on both Street and All-Terrain (AT) setups. Of course, the maximum speeds mentioned are tested with perfect conditions, like riding on flat streets with a rider that is lightweight.

During our tests, we had an average weighing (85 kg 187 lbs) male ride the different models and he was always 1-2 km/h shy of maximum speeds. Of course with the All-Terrain setup when off-roading you might experience much lower speeds depending on terrain.

Evolve Carbon GT Series top speed

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series
High powered, long range all terrain electric skateboard

Do they have more than one speed setting?

Evolve Carbon GT series has 4-speed modes that add a lot to the skateboard versatility. The different speed modes allow people that are new to electric skateboards to easily get accustomed with the riding style. Additionally, the slower speeds are marvelous to commute in places that are packed with cars or pedestrians. Or, if you just want to enjoy a relaxing smooth cruise down the road.

The 4 speed modes are:

  • Slow – 20% of power with limited speed.
  • Eco – 40% of power with limited speed.
  • Fast – 60% of power with full speed.
  • GT – 100% of power with full speed and max acceleration.

What age/weight are they suitable for?

It is mentioned in the Carbon GT user manual that children under 14 years old should not be operating these electric skateboards unless under adult supervision.

The weight limit on these electric rockets is also not very impressive. The max load it can handle is 100 kg (220 lbs). We did come across Carbon GT owners that are over the weight limit and said the board works fine, just with lower maximum speed. However, we would advise following skateboard limitations to avoid damage or malfunction.

What is the range/distance?

The distance Carbon GT skateboards can travel in a full charge is tremendous. In perfect conditions (flat street, lightweight rider) the Street setup board can reach up to 50 km (31 miles). The All-Terrain setup can reach 30 km (18.5 miles). This makes the Carbon GT Street skateboard one of the best long range electric skateboards on the market.

Evolve Carbon GT Series street electric skateboard

Can they be used off-road?

Evolve Skateboards are designed to go offroad. Of course you will need to use all terrain setup to go anywhere offroad.

The All-Terrain setup should be able to handle most paths, hills, tracks, or just plain fields. We had a lot of fun carving on the dirt, jumping off small hills and in general just going off track. The Evolve All-Terrain skateboard setups for us are the best electric skateboards for off-roading. They are like mini dirt bikes!

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series
High powered, long range all terrain electric skateboard

Battery Life & Charging

These electric longboards pack 36V 10ah Lithium-Ion batteries.

How long does it take to charge?

A full charge 0-100% will take you 4-5 hours with original charger. That is quite fast considering the long distance you can get out of a charge. But even better, Evolve skateboards offer a fast charger as an additional purchase that would charge a battery full in just 2-3 hours. We know the Carbon GT skateboards aren’t cheap, but if you already decided to buy one we highly recommend getting the fast charger as well.

Battery protection & safety

We found no detailed information on battery safety measures. Evolve Skateboards just state that their batteries have custom BMS (Battery Management System).

How long will the battery last for?

As all Lithium-Ion batteries, it should last for around 500-1000 charge cycles. This means that if the battery is properly maintained and of a good quality it could be charged and discharged up to 1000 times before showing any major drop in performance. There are a lot of variables that determine battery life-span so we can never know for sure how much charge cycles we will get from a battery.

If we can get a long ride with one charge, which we can with Carbon GT series and other Evolve skateboard series, we will need to charge the skateboard fewer times compared to most other electric skateboards while getting the same mileage. Fewer charge cycles mean longer battery life.

Design and Ergonomics

We love the design of Carbon GT series boards. The black slick and sexy look is very attractive to the eye.

Furthermore, the battery compared to Bamboo series is built inside the board instead of attached to the bottom. This makes the board much thinner and less prone to being scratched.

Carbon GT deck is also longer than Bamboo series and measures 102 cm (40 inches) in length. This allows to spread your legs much further apart when riding and stand more stable on the board. The longer board do mean you will have a slightly bigger turning cycle. But, that is just knit-picking and shouldn’t have an impact for most riders.

What material are they made from?

The deck of Carbon GT skateboards is made from high-grade custom molded carbon fiber & kevlar. This makes the deck lighter but much stiffer than Bamboo series boards.

With the massive battery and carbon deck, the Carbon GT Street setup weighs 7.9 kg (17 lbs). The Carbon All-Terrain setup 9.5 kg (21 lbs).


The R2 Evolve Skateboards remote looks simple but packs all the features you would need and deserves praise.

You will have an LCD screen that provides vital information like current speed, av. speed, mileage, battery status, and speed modes.

Besides the acceleration and brake triggers, you also have a dead man’s switch that will protect from unintentional acceleration (the skateboard might take off without you on GT mode if you are not ready).

Evolve Carbon GT Series remote

Do they connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

Evolve Skateboards do not have any smartphone applications for their electric skateboards.

Build quality and ease of use

Being priced quite high the Carbon GT series skateboards in our opinion offer great quality for the money you pay. Being developed and tested by extreme sports professionals these longboards are made to endure high-pressure rides for long distances.

A big advantage of these skateboards is the versatility and ease of use. When you buy this expensive electric skateboard you don’t need to be a professional skateboarder. Anyone can use it by starting from slower speed modes. From there, you can experiment on plain surfaces and then gradually moving to higher speed and rougher terrain.

Safety and usability on the road

Being fast and extreme skateboards, when on maximum speeds they can also become dangerous. Therefore, all safety measures should be taken into consideration. Always wear a helmet and protective padding. If you are not experienced longboarder, we would advise not to go downhill on hills that you wouldn’t go without brakes. You never know when software or hardware might malfunction.

Finally, be very careful if you decide to ride at night since Evolve Skateboards have no built-in lights or reflective stickers.

We would like to repeat ourselves again and point Carbon GT skateboards versatility again. The Street model allows you to ride fast on streets and pavements. The AT model allows to go for fun off-roading, and you can also use the AT model for commuting if your traveling path consists of uneven roads and pavements. AT wheels should be able to get you through the most horrible city infrastructures, after all, it is called All Terrain.

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series
High powered, long range all terrain electric skateboard

Are Evolve Carbon GT skateboards waterproof?

The Evolve Carbon GT skateboards do not have an IP waterproof rating meaning they should be kept away from rain, puddles or water streams.

Even though the battery and all electronics are inside the deck of the skateboard we would still advise protecting the skateboard from water to avoid damage.


Longboards, in general, are not particularly maneuverable so don’t expect to make sharp turns with Carbon GT unless you know how to carve or slide.

If you have read our Evolve Bamboo GTX review we mentioned that these very flexible longboards are easier to control and are much more comfortable to off-road. Well, the Carbon GT series longboards are much stiffer. They are not so soft during fast carving maneuvers. However, they do provide much more stability when riding high speed. Wide leg placement and the stiff board allows to firmly stand on the board when going max speed on flat surfaces (street and offroad).

Restrictions and availability

As with all electric means of transportation, it is important to check your local laws. Some countries allow electric skateboards on public roads some even ban them. Make sure to be up-to-date with your local legislation to avoid trouble if you decide to ride on public roads, streets, or pavements.

The good news about Evolve Carbon GT skateboards is that the Australian company has hundreds of stockists in North America and a dozen in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. A more detailed list is here.

Which model should you choose?

This question usually is decided depending on your personal preferences. It really depends on the terrain or infrastructure where you want to ride.

If your city has good streets, sidewalks, and pavements pick the 2in1 package for commuting in the city, fast cruising and carving on the roads for relaxation and fun with the Street wheels. Go extreme off-roading for that adrenaline craving with Carbon GT all terrain wheels.

If your city has bad or uneven streets, pavements and rocky sidewalks then ditch the Street model and just pick the Carbon GT all terrain setup to go off-roading and commuting with the same setup.

Evolve Carbon GT Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

We haven’t gathered enough price data yet to be able to tell whether there will be any Evolve Carbon GT Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals in 2020. However, our price trackers have been set to monitor any price movements. We’ll be updating this page with any Evolve Carbon GT Black Friday deals, news and information we come across, and you can check the latest price here. Discover sensational savings with our list of possible Black Friday electric skateboard deals this 2020!

All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series
High powered, long range all terrain electric skateboard
All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series Review 2020
All Terrain Evolve Carbon GT Series Review 2020