Gotrax XR Review 2023

Gotrax XR Review 2023

Check prices for this superb, cost-effective commuter scooter!

8.75/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #21 in category Electric Scooters
Before beginning our Gotrax XR review for 2023, here is a brief summary followed by the pros & cons surrounding this model. In short, the XR offers a pretty decent design full of features, all for a fraction of the price of most competitors. We're honestly fairly surprised how Gotrax managed to keep this scooter so cheap, especially when it includes regenerative braking, cruise control and an IP54 waterproof rating. We've seen some scooters even triple the price with less features and a lower IP rating than that. It's also fully folding & lightweight (26.45 lbs), making it a great electric scooter for commuting too. Although the range is below average at just 12 miles, this should prove more than enough for most inner-city commuters; especially if you're also utilising public transport. Feel free to read the rest of our 2023 Gotrax XR review below and make up your own mind!
Speed, Power & Distance
Design & Build Quality
Customer Support
  • Incredibly cost effective
  • Decent range of 12 miles
  • Decent top speed of 15.5 mp/h
  • Regenerative braking
  • Headlight & reflective rear strip
  • Convenient digital display
  • Fast charging - Charges in just 3-4 hours
  • Impressive weight limit of 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Dual braking system - electric / manual braking options
  • No Bluetooth / mobile support
  • A bit sparse on features
  • No interactive display

Specification: Gotrax XR Review 2023

Free shipping Yes
Mobile app
Return policy
Warranty 90 days
Make Gotrax
Model XR
MSRP $299.99
Weight 26.45 lbs (12 kg)
Foldable Yes
Foldable Dimensions (LxWxH) 43.3" x 17.1" x 14.6"
Accessories Yes
Spare parts Yes
Speed and Performance
Can it be used offroad? No
Cruise control Yes
Max incline Unspecified
Max weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Motor size 250W
Range 12 miles (19.3 km)
Top speed 15.5 mp/h (25 km/h)
Tyre Size 8.5″
Tyre Type Air filled, Pneumatic Rubber
Brakes Disc
Lights Front headlight, Reflector strips
Regenerative braking Yes
Removable battery No
Seat No
Water resistance IP54
Suspension None
Battery and Charging
Battery size 36V 5.2aH
Battery Type Lithium ion
Charging time 3-4 hours


gotrax xr cheap electric scooter

Gotrax XR Review & Overview

The latest addition to Gotrax’s awesome arsenal of scooters, the XR / XR Ultra supersede the Gotrax GXL. In this review, we take an in-depth look at the specs, stats, value for money, functionality and much more surrounding the XR model.

An upgrade from the previous GXL V2 model, the Gotrax XR delivers much more of a consistent ride. Whereas the V2 offers an average range of 9-12 miles, whilst the XR delivers a much more consistent 12 mile range. Although still a definite upgrade, the overall performance of the V2 and XR are pretty similar; and we think Gotrax know that, pricing the Gotrax XR very fairly.

Furthermore, similar performance doesn’t mean a similar scooter, the XR features cruise control, faster charging and adjustable speed settings. Say goodbye to cramps, give your wrist a welcome rest from the throttle and cruise on home. These features are a welcome addition and further attest to its reliability as a trusty commuter scooter.

Offering a range of up to 12 miles, getting to work or riding through the inner city should pose no problem. Furthermore, with a charge time of just 3-4 hours, you’ll be up and off in no time for the journey home. Alongside this, the XR further features regenerative braking, converting kinetic braking force into energy for your battery; perfect for giving you that little extra.

Lastly, the Gotrax XR also allow riders to adjust speed settings to suit their needs, great for riders of varying skill levels and suitable for beginners and pros alike. With these features and at this price, we believe the XR an incredibly cost-effective escooter model suitable for all manner of needs.

Speed, Power & Distance

gotrax xr ultra review 2023

Speed, Power & Distance

Moving on to the next section of our Gotrax XR review, speed, power and distance; all of which the XR certainly offers! With a decent top speed of 15.5 mp/h and 12 mile range, getting to your destination and back should pose no issue. We’re pretty impressed that Gotrax have managed to pull off such decent performance with just a 250W motor. The XR honestly offers great performance for such a low price, Gotrax have really outdone themselves this time. The XR also includes a number of handy features to help make your journey that bit smoother; cruise control, speed settings and shock absorbing tires are just to name a few.

Cruise control is definitely hugely convenient, as riding long distances with your wrist constantly bent on the throttle can cause discomfort. Quickly touching on the speed, power and distance of the XR vs XR Ultra; the Ultra offers an increased range of 16 miles, whilst the top speed remains the same at 15.5 mp/h. Furthermore, the XR Ultra also features a bigger battery and 300W motor. Both of these models are similarly priced, with the standard XR as the cheapest. If you’re wishing to level up to super scooter speeds, check out our list of fastest electric scooters of 2023.

Gotrax XR
Check prices for this superb, cost-effective commuter scooter!

How fast does it go?

Both models: 15.5 mp/h (25 km/h)

What age/weight is it suitable for?

Whilst Gotrax have not specified any minimum age, we do know that the XR & Ultra offer a maximum weight limit of up to 220 lbs (100 kg). Judging from the specifications of these models, these are clearly not kids scooters and are clearly designed for teens/adults. However, both models also feature speed settings, allowing riders to set the speed to adjust their skill level. With this, it’s more than likely your child will also be able to ride the XR, provided they’re tall enough. Those seeking something smaller for their child should check out our list of best electric scooter for kids.

What is the range/distance?

Standard model: 12 miles (19.3 km)

XR Ultra model: 16 miles (25.75 km)

Check prices for the Gotrax XR Ultra here

Battery Life & Charging

Battery Life & Charging

Next on our Gotrax XR review, battery life and charging; a very important topic for commuters and scooter enthusiasts alike; everyone wants to know how quickly their scooter takes to get ready for action. The Gotrax XR is no exception, taking just 3-4 hours to charge and offering a 12 mile range. We believe this charge time more than reasonable, considering there are many competitors who offer less range whilst taking over 12 hours to charge.

Gotrax have clearly spent great time making the perfect choice and settled on a high-capacity, fast charging 36V 5.2 aH lithium-ion battery. However, the XR Ultra raises the bar and is fitted with a 36v LG Battery 7.0AH and further offering an extended range of up to 16 miles. What we find impressive is that the charge time for the Ultra remains the same, even though it offers a greater range and features a bigger battery.

fastest charging electric scooter

How long does it take to charge?

Just 3-4 hours, making the Gotrax XR one of the fastest charging electric scooters.

Battery protection & safety

Both the XR and Ultra claim an IP54 waterproof rating, meaning that the interior electricals are protected against dust ingress and medium-pressure water blasts from any angle. Alongside this, Gotrax adhere to strict fire and electrical safety standards for every model; placing their own rigorous requirements to meet, ensuring a top quality product.

How long will the battery last for?

As a high quality lithium-ion battery, you should expect an average of 500-1000+ charges before anticipating any battery faults. Even if you were to charge daily, you’d still struggle to reach 1000+ charges in under 2-3 years.

Gotrax XR
Check prices for this superb, cost-effective commuter scooter!

Design & Ergonomics

Design and Ergonomics

Both the Gotrax XR and Ultra share the same design and aesthetic; a sleek yet sturdy frame which screams a certain robust reliability that you can count on. Currently, both models have a standard black & white colour scheme, with the Ultra edition also featuring a blue/white colour choice. The display is conveniently located at the centre of the handlebars, allowing riders to easily check their battery level, speed and more, all at a mere glance.

The XR further features a bell for alerting traffic and a brake lever on the handlebars for sudden, precise stopping. Stay seen and safe no matter the hour, thanks to the super bright headlights and reflective tail lights illuminating your path. A convenient kickstand is included, making stopping and parking your awesome ride a breeze. Alongside this, the XR & Ultra are also both fully folding, transporting and storing your e-scooter has never been easier!

Gotrax spare parts accessories

Gotrax XR spare parts & accessories

Gotrax offer a huge number of spare parts and accessories for your XR, alongside a huge number of their other models. These spare parts/accessories are the perfect way to enhance your repair your Gotrax XR.

Browse battery packs, spare tires, tubing, batteries, fenders, control consoles and much more. It’s always nice to know that should any faults arise, riders can repair them quickly and easily themselves, at minimal cost. Discover the full range of Gotrax XR spare parts & accessories.

What material is it made from?

Rubber 8.5″ pneumatic tires, aluminium frame.

Can it be used as a regular scooter?

Yes – once you run out of battery, expect to start using those legs!

Does it connect to your smartphone via app or Bluetooth?

No – we were unable to find any information suggesting mobile or Bluetooth support for this e-scooter.

folding electric scooter

Gotrax XR vs XR Ultra

Moving on to our next section, the Gotrax XR vs XR Ultra. Many will wonder what the difference is between the two; so allow us to answer! In terms of performance, both the XR vs Ultra operate similarly, sharing a top speed of 15.5 mp/h. However, when it comes to the XR vs Ultra in range, the Ultra takes the lead; offering a max. range of approx. 16 miles, 4 miles more than the standard model.

Furthermore, the Ultra also features a bigger battery than the XR, likely attributing the the increased range. However, both models offer the same charge time of 3-4 hours, so no difference there. Alongside this, both the XR & Ultra feature regenerative braking, IP54 waterproofing, 220 lbs max weight and much more.

Picking a winner in this epic XR vs XR Ultra showdown is difficult, predominantly due to similar performance and a key difference in price. The standard XR is about a third cheaper than the Ultra, making it a much more cost-effective choice, whilst the Ultra inevitably offers a slight increase in performance.

As this comparison is so close, we’ll leave it for you to decide what best suits you; the XR Ultra is certainly the best choice for those requiring range, whereas the XR is the cheaper choice for cost-effective commuters. Let’s not forget, both of these models are very fairly priced and make for great, cheap commuting scooter.

Check prices for the Gotrax XR Ultra here

Build quality and ease of use

Moving on to the next section of our Gotrax XR review; the build quality of both the XR and the Ultra are of exceptional standard, as is expected with all Gotrax models. Gotrax are one of the world’s leading electric scooter pioneers, taking pride in their strict quality control and high standards.

Rest assured, Gotrax have spared no expense on the materials used, constructing the XR out of a high quality, durable yet lightweight aluminium alloy. Alongside this, Gotrax also offer 90 day limited warranty, 30 day return and free shipping on all official purchases.

As a US based company, all models are made following a greater pressure for higher standards; with Gotrax also offering extensive US support to any who many need it. In terms of ease of use, riding the XR and XR Ultra is a breeze; operating much like many other conventional scooters.

The deck of the scooter had enough space and was comfortable to ride,with the display is conveniently located in the centre of the handlebars. For the price currently offered, you really want to snap up this bargain commuter scooter as soon as possible.

Gotrax XR Ultra folding scooter

Safety & Usability on the road

Safety and usability on the road

Moving on to the next section of our Gotrax XR review, safety & roadside use. As expected, the Gotrax XR features ample braking capacity, with both an electronic braking system & manual rear disc braking system; ensuring you maintain maximum control during sharp and precise stops. Alongside this, both the XR & Ultra feature a bright LED headlight and reflective tail-light, helping riders both see and stay seen during darker days.

The 8.5″ pneumatic rubber tires help soak up harsh hits and bumps, offering solid performance and quite the challenge to puncture. Whilst the top speed is excellent for such a cheap electric scooter, it’s still almost half of the average speed limit for most cities and residential areas. As such, we don’t recommend riding on roads for extended periods of time, unless you’re firmly on the side of the road or pavement. As always, we recommend wearing suitable clothing when riding, such as a high visibility jacket, helmet, gloves, etc.

Gotrax XR
Check prices for this superb, cost-effective commuter scooter!

Is the Gotrax XR waterproof?

Yes, both the XR and Ultra models boast an IP54 waterproof rating, protecting against dust ingress and medium pressure water blasts. Click here to learn more about IP ratings.

Restrictions and availability

As far as we’re aware, Gotrax ship worldwide, with free shipping to the US on official purchases. However, please check your local laws to ensure that your region allows for such Personal Electric Vehicles alternatives.

As always, thanks for reading our Gotrax XR review for 2023, we hope we’ve answered any questions you have about your potential dream scooter. Read the rest of our electric scooter reviews, or take a look at some of the best electric scooter deals this 2023.

Gotrax XR
Check prices for this superb, cost-effective commuter scooter!


Gotrax XR Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

Many savings starved scooter fanatics are eager to snap up some Gotrax XR Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 deals. The question is, will there be any? In this Black Friday section, we assess price charts and cover the likelihood of any Gotrax XR Black Friday discounts for 2023. Although, since the Gotrax XR is so new, we’re unable to find any significant or accurate price charts to give us any indicator.

However, we believe it more than likely, since Gotrax have a history of participating in Black Friday & Cyber Monday, offering a number of deals and discounts in the previous years. As such, we believe the chances of Gotrax Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts in 2023 fairly likely, although we recommend checking back here closer to the date for an update!

Gotrax XR discount codes promos & coupons 2023

In this section, we will cover a number of deals, promos and coupon codes the Gotrax XR, alongside any general sitewide deals. Ensure that you stay up to date with this section, as these deals are always changing. Crafty commuters are always looking to get the best possible deals and save some money, and we’re here to help.

Think we’ve missed something or found a deal too good to be true? Leave a comment and get in contact with us, and we’ll either add the deal or verify its authenticity. Discover a number of deals & promos on a number of Gotrax XR discount coupons and promo codes below and as always, ride safe. Alternatively, check out our in-depth Gotrax Coupons page for 2023.

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